Multiple sites.

Multiple Divisions.

IconMSA:Jumbo is our most flexible and powerful accounting solution. It includes all the multiple location features and flexibility of IconMSA:Large plus the ability to obtain roll-up reports by Division.

For example: a two tier state company. A two tier organization actually has 3 tiers (zero, one and two). In this example the State company has several offices in 2 different cities and headquartered in New York City. The headquarters in NYC would define a two tier system. The top tier (tier 2) would be for the headquarters and we will call this tier 'State'. The middle Tier (tier 1) we will call 'City'. The headquarters will define a tier 1 unit for each city they have offices in. In this example, we will define two cities, Buffalo and Syracuse. Each city has multiple sites that report to them. For this example Buffalo will define five sites and Syracuse will define two sites. We refer to sites at tier 0 as a Base Unit. Whenever a tier unit or base unit is defined, IconMSA:Jumbo automatically creates an accounting system for them. In this example there would be a total of three tier units (Buffalo,Syracus and Headquarters) and five base units, each having their own accounting system.

For our example this company will have three Divisions and they want to know the profitability, assets, liabilities and earnings of each Division. The headquarters would then define these Divisions as Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 (Names can be more descriptive such as: Clothing, Housewares, Sundries).

The two city offices can run financials and graphs for each of their base units as well as a combined set of financials and graphs of all base units reporting to them. These reports can be by site - all Divisions or by site and Division. The headquarters can run financials and graphs for all base units, a rollup of financials and graphs for the two cities and a rollup of financials and graphs for the entire company. Again, the reports can be by site - all Divisions or by site and Division. All financials and graphs can be run at any time without any extra effort on the part of any tier or base unit. Neither tier nor base unit has direct access to the accounting system of another tier or base unit. Further, tier units can only see financials of tiers and/or base units below them.

What this means to a company is that by simply using IconMSA, they can know immediately how each site is performing and who is in need of assistance. Graphs will instantly compare the performance of all base units as well as the performance of all tier units. In this day and age, the company that has the best information in the shortest amount of time will have the best chance of succeeding. In addition to better information, much time will be saved collating financial information because IconMSA does it for you. All these benefits are yours just by using IconMSA. Nothing else is needed.

Reports can be obtained at any level of the hierarchy.

In business, one thing every manager can count on is 'change'. Some sites will prosper while others will falter. That is why IconMSA includes a complete site management system which allows each tier to add or remove sites and even relocate a site to a different tier, provided the receiving tier accepts the transfer. Sites can be reassigned as needed without any loss of accounting information and will automatically be rolled into the correct tiers when new financials are run. Naming conventions for the five management levels can be anything you choose. A world wide organization may want a 5 tier system with tier names such as World, Country, Region, District, and Zone.

In business, executives and staff must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with staff located at other sites. That's why we created a communications module built into IconMSA that allows for the definition of staff positions throughout the hierarchy. Using the example above, let's say that at each base unit there was a position called 'Site Manager'. This position could then be defined in IconMSA as a site position. Using IconMSA, the CEO at the NYC headquarters could issue a memorandum to communicate to all 'Site Managers'. Let's further say the Site Manager at a base unit in Syracuse was replaced by a person called John Doe. The NYC headquarters may not even be aware of the change, however, when the next memorandum is sent out, John Doe would get the memorandum instead of the previous 'Site Manager'. No extra effort was needed by any other tier for this change to be recognized. It all happens automatically when using IconMSA. This is a powerful tool for large organizations trying to maintain up to date information on staff assignments, email addresses, and phone numbers. It isn't even necessary to print personnel directories because the information can be obtained faster using a few clicks (although directories are available). With IconMSA, emails, phone numbers and mailing labels are just a few clicks away.

In conclusion, with IconMSA you get more than an accounting system. You get a powerful site management system, a private accounting system for each site, a financial managements system and a communication system. All provided with better security and safety than conventional systems. That's the power of IconMSA.

As with all of our products, there is no limit on the number or size of transactions, the number of users allowed access, or the amount you use the system.

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