About Icon Systems, Inc.

For more than 19 years, Icon Systems has been developing high-quality software exclusively for religious organizations. The company was founded in 1992 by Robert Gifford, who previously held the position of Senior VP of Research and Development for 11 years at Great Plains Software. During that time Great Plains Software Accounting (Now Microsoft Dynamics) consistently won national awards of excellence.

Icon Systems' software is currently used by thousands of churches world wide. Since its founding, Icon Systems has become legendary for its commitment to high-quality products as well as outstanding service and support.

With Icon Systems successfully serving large church organizations, it was decided that the benefits of serving multiple sites could be used by large secular organizations as well. Thus, IconMSA (Multi-site Accounting) was designed and released providing large organizations, with a few sites to thousands of sites, the abilitiy to have financials rolled up by city, state, nation or whatever organizational level the company defined. Furthermore, the software would handle those companies having multiple Divisions and IconMSA could report a complete set of financials by Division and by organizational level.